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A specialist social innovation and programme design collective

At The Zano Collective we specialise in social innovation and supporting purpose led organisations. We develop technology and solutions that help entrepreneurs, community leaders and businesses to transform themselves and their communities. Our aim is to create positive change based on the unique combination of needs within individual communities, by listening rather than dictating to those we work with.



Meet our Team

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, The Zano Collective works globally with social innovators, entrepreneurs, businesses and community leaders. We have decades of combined experience in social innovation, design thinking, co-creation and social entrepreneurship, both at home and abroad, and a passion for making the world around us a better place.

Roger Warnock

Founder & CEO of Zano and Nybble Labs

Claire Dowds

Co-Director of Nybble Labs

Sarah Scullion

Social Entrepreneur

Danielle Mills

Social Entrepreneur

Jenna Stevenson

Social Entrepreneur Mentor

Denise Crossan


Paul Ellingstad


Rob Hardeman


Suleiman Abdulahi

Advisor and Nybble Labs Board Member

Katherine Rowlandson

Advisor and Nybble Labs Board Member


Our Partners

We’re proud to have partnered with some of the worlds leading organisations creating our own positive dent in the universe


Democratising Social Responsibility

Whether in the guise of Corporate Social Responsibility or through philanthropy, the concept of organisations ‘giving back’ is not a new one.

Organisations no longer define themselves solely on what they do, make, or sell, but also on what they contribute. Indeed, some of the wealthiest people on the planet have spent years remodelling their public image around the efforts they are making to give their money away, rather than what brought them wealth in the first place.

The concept of responsibility is everywhere and if you’ve entered the workplace at any point in the last few decades, you will probably be well versed in how the concept of a ‘responsible organisation’ or ‘purpose led business‘ has spread, whether in the corporate or non-profit world.

But does this responsibility have to be so…predictable?

We want to democratise social responsibility and help organisations make better decisions.

Our expertise in the field of social innovation has shown us that lasting and impactful change can only be brought about by deep, careful listening.

So to that end, we’re not here to tell you what you need to do. We are here to help you listen to your staff, customers, stakeholders and neighbours, so that you can identify the way forward for yourself.

So, how do we make this work?

Tread Lightly, Listen Deeply

Lasting partnerships require an understanding of the needs and expectations of clients from the outset. This doesn’t mean only looking at an organisation’s goals or structures, but also listening to staff, stakeholders and others for a deeper understanding of how things work.

Karma, our listening and innovation platform for building purpose-led businesses, allows us to gather and interpret this vital data, before presenting it to clients in a clear, personalised manner.

We place great importance on building ongoing relationships with our clients. When starting a new project, we begin with the assumption that it will be a long term commitment, where a client’s progress and successes can be tracked over time. This also allows us to take a light touch approach, working to grow change from the ground up, rather than trying to impose changes quickly, for instant results before we move on to another project.