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Community UX

Community UX is for anyone passionate about social innovation & creating positive change, wherever and whatever that might be. Fundamentally, it is a collection of co-production tools that we’ve designed ourselves over years of work, as well as tools from global leaders in design thinking, co-production and innovation.

Primarily, Community UX is about solving the world’s ‘wicked problems’ through compassion, curiosity and creating ‘idea sparks’ for change. We are an empathy driven practice, tackling social and environmental problems through socially innovative solutions. We help communities, organisations and individuals remove obstacles and friction from a user’s desired goals – hopefully delivering meaningful, positive impacts on communities at a local, regional and global scale.

However, we are neither sage nor saint. We don’t have all immediate answers to every problem we face and we won’t pretend that we do. Instead, we want to work with our partners to find solutions, not dictate or try to impose from the top down.

At The Zano Collective we are just that – a collective of likeminded people who are keen to learn from each other, support our peers and collaborate to explore new opportunities – so please get in touch if you want to contribute to Community UX, get the Zano team to undertake work for you or explore ways that we can work together to make our global village a better place.

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