KARMA is the Zano Collective’s listening and innovation platform, developed to gather the voices, stories and insights of the individuals we work with, based on years of social innovation experience.

All of our work starts from a simple premise, that it is impossible to build lasting change without listening to your partners. KARMA is, fundamentally, a way for that listening to take place. By allowing users to give anonymous, freeform views and opinions, it gathers testimony from employees, stakeholders and service users to help our clients shape their future.

The data & insights provided by KARMA are unparalleled and we use them to help our clients understand the strengths & weaknesses of their approaches to social, environmental and governance sustainability. Not only that, but KARMA’s continued use allows for the tracking & reporting of progress, as organisations implement changes in the way they operate.

Simple to use and with data presented on an interactive dashboard, with additional analysis and reporting provided by Zano as part of our commitment to ongoing client support, KARMA is a versatile, light touch but powerful tool to inform decision making and drive positive change.

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