Nybble Labs

Building a global community of committed citizens for an inclusive society

We believe in an inclusive future. One where the voices of ordinary people can shape the world in which we all live. We are also passionate about social innovation and ‘giving back’ our knowledge on creating new ideas, driving change and supporting organisations that want to do the same.

Building on Zano’s commercial work, Social Nybble Labs CIC (our own social conscience) offers services to social entrepreneurs, community leaders and non-profit organisations, both small and large, to transform themselves and their communities.

By helping our partners to truly understand the needs and views of their staff, service users and stakeholders, we can give them a fresh perspective. One which helps them innovate and meet challenges head on, without compromising on their values and mission.


A new perspective

We want to offer our partners a new perspective, on themselves, their community and their impact. We’re not here to tell them what to do, but rather to give them the information, tools and insights they need to make their own, informed choices for the future.

In short, we want to empower our partners to move forward in the same way that they empower those who they work with. ​

Our Board

Social Nybble Labs has a Board of Directors drawn from the world of non-profit and social enterprise in the UK & Ireland. They come from a diverse range of backgrounds and each has a unique perspective with which to guide and shape out work.


Suleiman Abdulahi

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Having launched and grown a successful non-profit agency over the last decade, Suleiman is an established, passionate social entrepreneur and human rights advocate in both Northern Ireland and further afield.

Horn of Africa People’s Aid Northern Ireland (HAPANI) provides sustainable services for those who would otherwise be marginalised and has changed hundreds of lives for the better over the last ten years. Suleiman’s extensive project management experience – coupled with expertise around fundraising strategy, research and policy –  has secured numerous successes for HAPANI beneficiaries. His knowledge and insights have been recognised by media including BBC News, ITV and  the New York Times.


Katherine Rowlandson

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Katherine has a varied background in project delivery and production – for the film and TV sector as well as in digital games and workshops. She has completed the Social Innovation NI Skills programme, Amplify NI Social Business Accelerator, as well as holding a degree in applied arts and possessing experience working in the voluntary and community sector.

She is a co-founder and manager of KIPPIE C.I.C. – an award winning social enterprise helping people from all backgrounds create their own computer games as a means of self expression communication and to affect positive change in their communities.

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Karina Murray

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Karina Murray is the Founder/CEO of Aunua Academy & Co-Founder of Aunua Heroes and Aunua Africa, global social and emotional impact enterprises. She’s an Advocate and an Innovator on a humanitarian mission to help ignite a new age of education, one that champions children to step into their hero and be the changemakers they are destined to be.

She is also a radio presenter, Ambassadors for Belouga Global and one of the founding members of the Genius School. She sits on the Board of Directors for the non-profit Inspiration for Good, as well as here at Social Nybble Labs.