Youth UX

The voices and lived experience of young people can be an incredibly powerful tool to drive positive change. To this end, Social Nybble Labs is working in partnership with third-sector youth organisations in Northern Ireland to develop Youth UX – a project to give young people a greater voice in the future of their communities and the wider world.

Currently running with funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, Youth UX combines the concepts of co-creation, user experience and co-design in a youth centred environment. Our previous experience working with young people and youth organisations has shown us the willingness of young people to engage with programmes that give them a platform to advocate for themselves. This experience has also heavily informed the initial design of the Youth UX project, making sure it is adaptable, engaging and youth centred.

The Youth UX project is being developed in collaboration with some of Northern Ireland’s leading youth based organisations, in order to ensure effectively design and testing. As key partners, these organisations provide vital additional expertise and experience, especially as we look to co-design the Youth UX project itself with young people. We are also exploring an international dimension, through our ongoing partnership with era92.

For us, the first step to success is to ensure that the voices and experiences of young people are built in to the Youth UX project. Without this, how else can we produce something that is truly tailored to young people as users?

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